• Toitū te iwi.  We all belong here.


    Toitū te iwi.
    We all belong here.
    Mātauranga nō ngā hau e whā mātou.
    A community of learners who expect to reach thier greatest potential and be active particpants in both worlds.
  • Toitū te iwi. rangatiratanga.


    Toitū te iwi.
    We do what is right, what we say we will and make our best effort all the time.
  • Toitū te ao turoa.


    Toitū te ao turoa.
    We care for ourselves, others and our environment.
  • Toitū te pae tawhiti.


    Toitū te pae tawhiti.
    We are enterprising and set challenging goals that we work toward so that we get to where we want to be.
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    Graduate Profile 2017

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  • Graduate Profile 2017
Jade Lomano

Jade Lomano

Wouldn't entrust the holistic education of my babies anywhere else!
Te Awhina Te Huia-Pairama

Te Awhina Te Huia-Pairama

Absolutely the best decision we made was sending Te Rau Aroha&Rangitukunoa to this Kura love love love it:)
Ryan Bower

Ryan Bower

Orsum whanau environment...love getting involved with the school activities always happy faces.

Arowhenua Māori School

We are a year 0-8 primary school in the South Canterbury Area. We offer mainstream and bilingual Maori learning opportunities.

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